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Studio Stratos is a small but growing brand and web design studio founded in the heart of Ireland and grounded in doing good.

We help driven, people-centred, product-based business owners to up the ante of their customer’s online and physical brand journey from first contact to super-fan.

We know first-hand all the balls you need to juggle when it comes to developing and growing a global reaching business.

You have big plans, but the wheels you set in motion have started to slow and final strides to the next big milestone aren’t as smooth as the first.

These days, it takes a little more than a well-tuned sales pitch and Instagram account to win hearts and open wallets. People crave connection and a sense of community. 

Which is where brand experience steps in to not only increase your sales, but to keep those customers coming back again and again.

We are on a mission to take the heavy lifting out of your business evolution from bland to brand superstar.

(Giving you back the time to focus your genius on the work that got you where you are today.)

If you’re like our clients…

You saw the need for the work you do. Then you pursued it with blazing passion.

You have spent weeks, months and years riding the entrepreneurial rollercoaster of refining, tweaking and giving your all. Resourcefulness became your superpower and your business moved from strength to strength. 

You didn’t give up when times were tough because you were so steadfast in the purpose your business has for helping others. And this is why your business is where it is today!

Real talk…

Stepping into the globally impactful business you envision isn’t going to happen without being confident and cohesive in how you communicate the great work you do. 

How we bring your vision to life…

Build great partnership.

While we do place the bar high for the standard of our work, we also want to make the process is thoroughly enjoyable and enlightening for our clients. We want you to walk away with crystal clarity of your business and perfectly aligned new brand identity.

We treat each project as individually as the businesses we work with, pouring our hearts into our work and rooting for your future.

Take your business out of the shadows.

Each of our projects, from logo design to website builds, begins with a deep dive into your ideal audience – where they hang out, what makes them tick and how we can make real connections between them and your brand.

This strategic foundation serves as the heart of your brand experience navigating decision making for your visual identity, messaging and positioning as well are clarifying what your most purposeful next steps should be.

Give you back time to put into the things that need you most.

Being the wearer of many hats often goes hand in hand with running a business. And we can be pretty apprehensive about handing the reins over for something you worked so hard to build. We’ve been there too.

But producing mediocre results in areas we don’t fully understand can be damaging our efforts of reaching our business’ full potential. In our collaboration, we do what we do best and allow you to do the same, working in tandem to bring you results and growth tenfold.

Create seamless brand experiences.

One thing we really love is uncovering neglected touchpoints in your customer experience and making it shine. We aim to surprise and delight your customers positioning your business a cut above the rest.

Your unique brand experience becomes your hardest working marketing tool creating genuine, organic reach that attracts the tribe of loyal customers who have yet to find you. 

Then keep them coming back again and again and again.

Headshot of Eainne McDonald the founder and creative director of Studio Stratos

Meet Eainne…

I’m Eainne McDonald, Founder and Brand Engineer at Studio Stratos.

I’ve been supporting entrepreneurs who are motivated by change and good since 2014. Over the years, I’ve had the privilege of being a part of the journey for some incredible people as they grew their product-based businesses and gathered a clan of die-hard customers. As your Creative Director, my job is to take where you are in your business and form a strategic plan that connects the dots to your big vision.

When I’m not nerding out on brand projects, I’m probably trying too hard to win my cat Binkie’s affection, dragging my rain-hating pup Cooper up a mountain somewhere, travelling the world (or plotting my next adventure), watching endless videos of people making tiny food out of polymer clay (seriously, how do they do it!?), stuck into a good crime novel with a cup of herbal tea or wishing I had a burrito in my hand.

Ready to boost your business?

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