Voisign is a content delivery platform with user engagement metrics for a range of location-specific businesses, tourist attractions, heritage sites with a multitude of additional applications of use.

Original logo for our client Voisign before Studio Stratos rebrand.
Photograph of our client Voisign's original QR scannable placard with a mobile device of the user interface.

Original Brand Identity:

The Voisign (formerly known as OIS) brand identity began with a vibrant blue, white and grey palette. While the identity did present a clean, corporate feel the brand lacked sustenance and distinguishing visuals.  

Project Goal

To develop a universal brand identity for Voisign that is applicable across all existing businesses who offer location dependent visitor experiences. The visuals must allow room for growth and personality that seamlessly shifts into new industries such as architecture and location-based information businesses. We shift to a friendlier approach to story-telling delicately suggested through rounded shapes and soft, earthy classical colour palettes inspired by history. 

Big Picture Goal
The future objective of Voisign is to become both collectors and communicators of information for a range of sites. Emphasis lies on enhancing visitor experience and enriching immersion with the locations we partner with. We become the non-intrusive bridge between the physical and the intangible information for our clients. The archivists of visitor experience for both client and visitor.

Project Scope:

+ Brand Strategy
+ Experience Strategy
+ Brand Identity & Assets
+ Marketing Collateral
+ Brand Guidelines

Brand Discovery
"Collector of Hidden Experiences"

After our Discovery Call with the client, it became evident that Voisign’s Brand Story begins with heritage, outdoors, architecture and a curiosity for uncovering them. While the platform’s focus is no longer solely in the heritage sector, we felt it was important to include subtle influences from these foundations. Through the Brand Discovery process, we unearthed the foundations of the Voisign Brand Story. 

Voisign reveals the hidden stories steeped in a rich history yet often overlooked or forgotten . We connect visitors to the magic of these forgotten sites and tell the tale of what once lived and breathed on the locations people have now become complacent to. What may previously have escaped popular tourist attraction and public interest now becomes an expansion of its current surroundings through the immersive Voisign platform. 

Heritage, history, architecture and similar location-based enthusiasts and business owners. They relish in envisioning the tale behind a site, often conducting their own research into points of interest. Enamoured by storytelling and information gathering, our audience respond best to experiences combining visual and physical details. 

We are passionate about telling the forgotten stories of the past to inform the present. We strive for an engaging way to tell the tales of a forgotten past.

Archivists / Collectors:
Voisign are archivists. We catalog information and exhibit it in a way that is familiar to our audience. We combine the power of strong visuals to accompany our stories. 

Our audience enjoys finding sites off the beaten track. We encourage them to take the route less traveled to uncover a hidden narrative of what once stood on the sites they find.

Colour Palette:
Drawing inspiration from historical colour palettes, the Voisign brand becomes refined, earthy, unintrusive yet malleable to the brands we work with.

Logo Concept:
Voisign bridges the gap the incomplete experiences it shares. Reflective of this, we will experiment with incomplete typography.

From the Archives:
One of the primary objectives of project is to develop and engaging and interactive brand experience. To encourage the use of Voisign in an engaging yet informative way we could position the points of interest as a collection as opposed to singular sites. An outdoor museum of sorts, where its visitors can create their own journey of discovery through the platform. The aesthetic of the placards could become similar to that of a museum including stamp-inspired graphics notarising the site as well as reference points for internal use.

Colour Indicators:
Voisign’s colour palette could translate across its digital informational guides and placards. Each colour could be indicative of specific categories of interest be it heritage, architecture, etc

"I've looked over the Brand Discovery document and it captures what I am trying to do and more. The content you have added to the descriptions are great and on point. It gives us scope to add more features as we develop."

Brand DEvelopment
"The answer is rarely the first solution."

We began experimenting loosely with a variety of potential forms considering the concept of incomplete text and the geotag iconography present in the original brand identity. During this exploration, we pulled the two dots from the ‘i’s to form a more unified and level typeform. These two little dots eventually became the colon in the finalised logo symbolic of the information that precedes the interaction with the Voisign platform.

Animated gif moving through the various initial concepts for the Voisign logo rebrand
Before After

Finalising the Voisign Wordmark:

During the initial phases of the project, Declan mentioned “the Voisign brand should be a nice blend of corporate and accessible.” By incorporating a gently curved typeface, we introduce a friendlier aesthetic. The sliced ‘V’, indicative of the hidden experiences the platform highlights, is ever so slight while maintaining legibility. The final component of the primary logo is the closing colon signifying the symbolic closing of the gap brought by the platform. 

Colour Palette:

Shifting away from the lively blue of the original logo, we introduce a warmer, earthier palette as seen here through the submarks. Strongly influenced by historical references such as oil paintings and castle ruins, the deeper tones brings a more approachable brand feel to Voisign while absorbing the outdoor and natural nature of the brand experience.

Voisgn square submark design in the colour Golden


Voisgn square submark design in the colour seaweed.


Voisgn square submark design in the colour earth


Voisgn square submark design in the colour midnight


Voisgn square submark design in the colour sand.


Voisign stamp design with archive number coordinating with location archive number on the placard..
Concept mockup of desktop screen showing webpage corresponding to QR code on placard using the seaweed colour category on a transparent background.
Graphic of the new Voisign placard design to accompany the new brand identity using the golden colour category.

Colour Indicators:

To best illustrate the colour indicators in action, despite the product only being in prototype phase, we mocked up some web pages to reflect the application of colour categories. In this example, ‘Seaweed’ represents corporate locations while ‘Earth’ indicates heritage sites. This colour categorisation translates from all touchpoints beginning with the physical placard to the mobile app and then to the locations specific page. From a user experience perspective, the segmentation of the platforms content will promote interaction and engagement through collections, challenges and routes that encourage multiple use of the product. 

Graphic of the new Voisign placard design to accompany the new brand identity using the seaweed colour category.
Concept mockup of desktop screen showing webpage corresponding to QR code on placard using the earth colour category on a transparent background..
Mockup of falling Voisign business card showing front and back design
Mockup graphic of front and back design for the Voisign business cards.

Social Media:

Due to the interactive nature of the platform, social media presence is crucial in developing the connection to the Voisign audience. The brand image is informative and authoritative, yet the gentle tones and modern imagery softens the visual messaging to a more approachable and less corporate representation. 

Mockup graphic of Voisign new brand identity applied to the Facebook cover image and profile image.
Mockup of Voisign seaweed coloured primary logo design on an golden coloured tshirt
Mockup of Voisign golden coloured submark on an seaweed coloured tshirt

“In summary, I love it! 

Declan Bruen, Managing Director, Voisign