Core Values

Studio Stratos holds strong values in the being of service and finding harmony between life and business. We understand the importance of relationships and the strength in exploring and expanding the edges of our comfort zone.

People over Profit​
Churn and burn tactics driven by the bottom line are not welcome around here. Success is measured in genuine relationships and delivering positive experiences.
Life over Business
Time is the most valuable resource of all! The goal is for our work to give us and our clients the freedom to live a life of fulfilment and passionate pursuits.
Community over Competition
The journey of building a business is best travelled in company. Support clients, team members and peers to cultivate a space for opportunity and progress.
Growth over Acceptance
There is always room for improvement and delivering better results. Growth and innovation comes from a continual openness for learning new things. Even if it feels a little out of our comfort zone.
Human over Corporate
Approach all communication with openness, compassion and honesty. Be human. Be kind

Feeling aligned to our Core Values?

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