Voisign is a content delivery platform with user engagement metrics for a range of location-specific businesses, tourist attractions, heritage sites with a multitude of additional applications of use.


Develop a universal brand identity for Voisign that is applicable across all existing businesses who offer location dependent visitor experiences. The visuals must allow room for growth and personality that seamlessly shifts into new industries such as architecture and location-based information businesses. We shift to a friendlier approach to story-telling delicately suggested through rounded shapes and soft, earthy classical colour palettes inspired by history.


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Voisign tagline design saying 'Collectors of hidden experiences'.
Voisign stamp design with archive number coordinating with location archive number on the placard..
Inspired by our hidden heritage
Voisign’s Brand Story begins with heritage, outdoors, architecture and a curiosity to uncover them. While the platform’s focus is no longer solely in the heritage sector, we felt it was important to include subtle influences in the brand identity. Shifting away from the electric blue of the original logo, we introduce a warmer, earthier palette. Strongly inspired by historical references such as oil paintings and castle ruins, the deeper tones brings a more approachable brand feel to Voisign while absorbing the outdoor and natural nature of the brand experience.

"I've looked over the Brand Discovery document and it captures what I am trying to do and more. The content you have added to the descriptions are great and on point. It gives us scope to add more features as we develop."

Mockup of falling Voisign business card showing front and back design
Mockup graphic of front and back design for the Voisign business cards.
Finalising the Voisign Wordmark:
During the initial phases of the project, Declan mentioned “the Voisign brand should be a nice blend of corporate and accessible.” By incorporating a gently curved typeface, we introduce a friendlier aesthetic. The sliced ‘V’, indicative of the hidden experiences the platform highlights, is ever so slight while maintaining legibility. The final component of the primary logo is the closing colon signifying the symbolic closing of the gap brought by the platform. 
Colour Indicators:
To best illustrate the colour indicators in action, despite the product only being in prototype phase, we mocked up some web pages to reflect the application of colour categories. In this example, ‘Seaweed’ represents corporate locations while ‘Earth’ indicates heritage sites. This colour categorisation translates from all touchpoints beginning with the physical placard to the mobile app and then to the locations specific page. From a user experience perspective, the segmentation of the platforms content will promote interaction and engagement through collections, challenges and routes that encourage multiple use of the product.
Voisign Final Primary Logo Design
Mockup of Voisign seaweed coloured primary logo design on an golden coloured tshirt
Mockup of Voisign golden coloured submark on an seaweed coloured tshirt
Rebranded design for the Voisign Placard
“In summary, I love it!”
Declan Bruen, Managing Director, Voisign

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